Black Hallows Townsfolk II

Created by Jon Stynes

The Black Hallows Townsfolk II are a range of high quality metal gaming miniatures, resin terrain and 3D print files, designed for war gaming, RPG and tabletop gaming. All the buildings come with an RPG scenario.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production update
about 1 month ago – Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 08:06:01 AM

First of all, can I apologise for the lack of updates, we had delayed this one while we have been waiting to hear exactly where we stand with our current workflow.

Our normal contracts have been put on hold, but we have just heard yesterday that we can start manufacture again in approx. 3 weeks (material stock has now arrived for this). Before the Covid-19 outbreak, we were getting back on track and not far off starting production again of the remaining Black Hallows items, so we would imagine that this will now be delayed for around six weeks while we catch up. 

The first pledges to go out will be the remaining 3D files.

In the mean time we have been working all hours, 7 days a week, producing medical visors for the NHS, Ambulance services and Care homes. This is being done at non-profit, but at least we are helping the staff in front line positions. We have so far sent out over 5,000 visors and are looking at approx. another 10,000 plus in the next few weeks. Our design has been approved by the NHS and because it is re-useable, they are replacing the disposable versions they are currently using.

So please guys, don't give up on us, we are doing our best to get your pledges out to you as soon as we can. We will update you again when we get back to normal production.

Many thanks,


Edit - Someone as asked for photos - 

Production update
4 months ago – Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 01:37:00 AM

Thank you for your patience, we appreciate it so much.

We are definitely moving forward, maybe not as fast as I would have liked, but we are getting there. As we said in the last update, we are raising funds through our old business. We have one main permanent contract in place and are pushing for more at the minute. There is a possible contract in the pipeline, which if we get, we are definitely back on track and will mean we can continue manufacture of the Kickstarter. We are putting all of our effort into this at the moment but within the next couple of weeks we can, initially, complete all of the 3D files ready to print and get them sent out.

So, many thanks again .


Z1 Design.

November Updates
6 months ago – Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 11:41:58 PM

Hello everyone,

We know you have been waiting longer than expected for this update and that some of you have questions and concerns as to when this project will be fulfilled. We hope to answer your questions and give you a clearer picture of exactly what is happening here. Some of you may already know some of this as you are Townsfolk I backers and have read that update.

First and foremost, we are going to fulfill this project.

Our main issue at the moment is finances. This project was always more about getting the name and the brand out there, so we were making very little profit. As a lot of you may realise that prices of the miniatures + the stretch goals was low. Ours were approximately £2.50 in comparison to the industry average of nearer £5 for a mini with a metal base topper.  So we knew that there was a fine line for staying on budget. Subsequently we've been hit with a large unexpected tax bill which has put us in the position we are now - very low on funds. To the point that we are unsure if we can actually pay the tax bill.

Additionally, we've had staffing issues, so the speed of the production, checking and packaging has been severely reduced. The whole point of the deadline was to ensure that the project didn't overun, but because it has, we are now in this financial position. We still have the same wages, rent, etc.

So, you may be asking how we intend to move forward? We have been advised that liquidation is a possibility, where all responsibility is passed to the liquidators. This is not an option for us, as we set out to build the company and we are still determined to make this work. There has been suggestions about backers taking legal action against Z1 Design, in that situation we may be forced into winding up the company by HMRC. We intend to use the industry that we were in before we started the gaming to generate funds so that we can continue with the final production and ship the product.

Whatever it takes we will make this work and fulfill the projects. We have too much to lose by not fulfilling - the designs, the moulds, the brand, etc..

The E-book and Audio book are completed and will be first to be delivered.

The 3D print files will follow.

​We will update you as and when we have progress.

We're determined to make this to work as we value our backers.

Jon Stynes​

Monday Update!
8 months ago – Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 11:45:14 AM

Hello All,

Apologies for the lack of updates on here, we have been putting the pressure on getting Townsfolk out the door, which we're pleased to say is now full steam into the packing. 

We do have a couple of bits of info regarding this project....

We are still getting messages from backers who haven't received the first set of 3D print files for the buildings, if you are a backer that hasn't received them, please send us a message and we'll send them out to you . Then we'll check back with you when the next set go out to make sure you've got them at the same time as everyone else. 

Also, if you have backed for the Black Hallows: Cradle of Darkness book (e-book, paperback or audio), and you haven't told us what name you would like in the credits, this is your last chance to let us know! The way to let us know is via the pledge manager, but you need to complete your survey for us to receive the information. If you haven't answered the question on the pledge manager, we will put your name as it appears in the pledge manager.

The book is in the final stages of editing now and the reports from the authors say that everything is on time and looking good. We were given the first draft to read through, and we think it's awesome! The authors have really brought the Black Hallows world to life. 


Production Update
9 months ago – Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 05:09:21 PM

Hi Guys,

First of all can we apologise for the lack of updates. As some of you are Townsfolk I backers, you will already know, we've been under pressure to get the final parts of that project produced and we're happy to say that will be complete in the next few days. We are now just waiting for the plastic bases before we ship.  What does it mean for Townsfolk II? It means we can put more pressure onto Townsfolk II, so we'll  be completing the 3D files for the print pledge and then get the guys in the workshop to continue with the mould making for the production of the metal miniatures.  One thing we are going to do slightly differently,  is that we will be starting the resin first for Townsfolk II, as this was the main hold up for Townsfolk I. 

We're super excited to see the next set of characters "in the flesh".

Jon & The Z1 Team